Thursday, January 13, 2005

Go Ask Alice

I read Go Ask Alice for the first time in junior high. All I remember about it then was that I thought it was just great. This time, I thought it was pretty good. It sounded contrived. (But it's a true story.)

The girl starts out caring about boys and fitting in, and losing weight(I think), and she goes to a party where the other kids give her drugs without her knowledge. She becomes curious and tries other stuff, and spends the rest of the book alternating: either she never wants to do it again, or she wants to spend the rest of her life high. She runs away from home a few times, gets clean a few times, and aspires to become a teen counselor because she believes she can understand them. She's very hopeful, and I began to wonder what would happen at the end. I won't give it away.

My point is: isn't this what all the stories are like, what they tell kids in school? Or did I only hear this one story 10 years ago and that became my default? It's hard to tell, without perspective.

Anyway, good book. Worth reading.

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