Saturday, January 15, 2005

Why I'm not getting married.

Every so often I get an urge to make a list of my friends. Like, if I were to get married next month (don't worry, this is purely hypothetical), who would I invite? And it really depends on where the event would be (I wouldn't invite some CT people, were the ceremony to be held in CA, for instance), and of course it depends on who the groom would be (we would presumably have mutual friends who would be invited). So I make the best guest list I can in all of 5 minutes and mostly the only thing that comes of this exercise is the feeling that I have a lot of friends, and most of them don't know each other. I can group them (as would be done for a seating arrangement, if necessary), and there would be a little bit of overlap, but mostly, it would be six tables of people who have never met any of the people at the other five tables. And that would leave me at the head table with my phantom groom. How boring! I'd better not get married. Besides, I'd have to wear a dress.

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