Monday, January 17, 2005

Yoga, West Wing, and a Scarf

Yoga began again today. I think it's really sad that we have to go without yoga for the winter recess, and so does Maureen. She intended to have classes over break but apparently fell ill, and only recently got better.

So we're back in class, back in downward facing dog, moving into high plank, plank let-down, up-dog, let down and back up into down-dog, etc. Good stuff. I'm a bit out of shape, I'm afraid. So I'm going back tomorrow.

Here's the good news though: I weighed myself on the industrial-strength no-springs gym scale, and I'm down to 137. That's 3 pounds gone since the last time I weighed in (before the holidays, maybe November?), and 10 since last year at this time. Go me! And I was afraid that the lack of yoga and a weather-induced respite from rollerblading would cause trouble. So that's happy. Now I have to go buy new jeans.

Tonight is the West Wing marathon on Bravo. Yay, West Wing! Why aren't Josh and Donna dating yet? They're SO for each other.

And I finished my first crocheted scarf this weekend. It's a little (OK, a LOT) crooked, but I think it just lends character. I'll be wearing it proudly, and you'll be able to tell it's the one I made. I'm starting on another one that will hopefully have a little less character.

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  1. I forgot to tell you that you were looking mighty svelte when you came to visit -- but then I'm always too dazzled by your extreme gawgeousness to properly comment.

    Can't wait to see the scarf!