Friday, March 11, 2005

The magic of TiVo

I am among the 17% of TiVo users who would use "love" to describe their feelings toward TiVo. I love that I can program it to record anything I want, regardless of the time and channel, and I can watch them at any time. That's all it does, really. But it's really good at it. I have something like 6 weeks of THe West Wing saved up for when I have time to sit down and watch. I just caught up on my Gilmore Girls. And all the meanwhile, it's been keeping the most recent episodes of the Simpsons, the Daily Show, and South Park, for when I only have half an hour and not enough focus for an important show. I can FF through commercials, and I don't have to flip channels. Even better, I don't have to be home by any specific time to keep from missing my shows.

Apparently, TiVo is ready to go out of business, and its only hope is to be purchased by Apple, and used to create the Perfect Machine, which would integrate a computer and an entertainment system. It sounds like the failed WebTV to me, and it should bomb. For instance, I'm not going to sit down on the sofa to look at pictures or listen to music. My living room is strictly for TV viewing. There's nothing else to do there. But what if I could download shows instead of record them?

What if, instead of going to Newbury Comics to buy the latest season of the West Wing, I could just download it, like off the iTunes music store? Then I could burn it onto my own DVDs or keep it on my hard drive forever.

And what about movies? I have Netflix, which is awesome, but it does take a few days for the turnaround through the mail. What if I could download a movie and watch it (without burning it to DVD), and then when I deleted it, I'd be able to get another one?

Hmm, this has potential. The article also talked a lot about the iPod. What if I could watch TV or movies on my iPod? I could take it anywhere! On the train to NYC! I could take it to my friend's house, plug it into her TiVo, and we could watch my stuff there!

And then lots of other cool stuff. I have to go now. Helene is here and we're going dancing.

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