Thursday, March 24, 2005

NPR and Carrots

It's funny how I've changed growing up. I used to groan when my dad would pick me up from school and say, "Oh, it's four-o-clock! Let me just hear the news." And I'd have to sit through a whole 6 minutes of NPR's boring news briefs before getting to hear the latest bubblegum from KIIS-FM. Now, I listen to NPR every morning while I wake up, and it's the best thing ever. When he was 4, I got M to eat carrots that way. I told him that it's ok to not like something (like carrots), but you should try them every once in a while because your tastes change as you get older. He tried them. He didn't like them. And now, at 12, he still doesn't like them. But I'm not giving up hope.

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