Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Skimonkey weekend!

I was once told that people dance for one of three reasons:

1) They love movement.

2) They love music.

3) They want to meet new people.

And you can tell pretty quickly which people fit into which category. I'm mostly number 2, with a little bit of number 1. But this weekend I realized that number 3 isn't so bad either.

Cramming 19 dancers into a moderately sized house in Vermont for the weekend may not seem like everyone's idea of a a good time. And in fact, there were some iffy moments, like when about 8 of them decided to play ping pong less than a food from my bed until 2am. But for the most part, it was a success.

I didn't go skiing or snowboarding. I only sledded twice, mostly because the hill was SO big that I didn't want to walk up it again. (The night I arrived, my host took me to the window and said, "That's the top of the hill. Can you see the bottom? You can't see it in the daytime, either.")

I got to spend some quality time with some favorite people, and it made me terribly happy to see them getting to know each other, finding each other terrific.

I met new people, and liked some of them.

But for me, it all comes back to the music. There was music playing the whole weekend. Except maybe when everyone was asleep. Although an iPod could have been on all night, I don't know for sure. The best part was that it was good music. Maybe because as dancers, most of the time we spend together (dancing), we are also listening to music, so we listen to the same kinds. But it wasn't just dance music. There was some pop, folk, bluegrass, instrumental/classical, jazz, and rock. And I liked it all. It was yummy.

I wish I could tell a more coherent story or make this meaningful, but the point is that I had a good weekend. And it's time to get together for some girly sushi.

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