Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today's news

Actually, this is a little old. The Scientist has profiled a Brandeis Professor, Chris Miller, who works on ion channels. The most interesting part is the first paragraph:

"We have your dog," read the cut-and-paste ransom note taped to Chris Miller's office door one day in the late 1990s. A biophysicist and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass., Miller regularly brought his West Highland terrier, Charlie, to the lab. "They even left a picture of the dog holding that day's newspaper," he laughs. Charlie was eventually returned, but only after Miller paid up, producing a stack of fill-in-the-blank, signed recommendation letters: "____ is the best person I've ever had in my lab. ..."

And apparently, the fact that we're systematically and rapidly destroying the earth is still news to some.

This isn't really news, unless you want to attend RNA Club. And you don't. But here's the beginning of this month's announcement:

In the interest of egalitarianism, RNA Club next week will be held at
the medical school. Come support your brethren!

Oh, RNA Club will also be on a WEDNESDAY, not a tuesday. And at midnight.

just kidding about midnite

Interestingly, all 6 of us at the lunch table today have blue eyes. Remarkable!

What paltry news there is today!

I finished The Outsiders this weekend. Expect a review soon.

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