Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Diary of Anne Frank


Maybe it's because I'm not a 12-year-old girl, or maybe because the whole thing takes place in three tiny rooms, but I was bored by page 90. Actually, I was bored by page 30, but I stuck with it until page 90, in hopes that something would happen. But then I started skimming, and it was a good thing I did, because nothing ever happened. She develooped a crush on the boy hiding out with her, and then it ended. The most interesting part was the afterword, that said that even after hiding out for something like two years, she still got sent to a camp, and she STILL died. How crappy THAT must have been.

Anyway, I understand how historical it was and what a tragedy, but I think it could use some editing, that's all.

Oh, and Ben tells me that it has already been edited for sexual conduct, like apparently she wrote more stuff about that boy, but somebody cut it out to make it appropriate for children. So no wonder it was boring.

That reminds me: I don't know what kind of books I like. I can't pick a genre. I don't like mystery novels per se, but I loved And Then There Were None. I don't like romance or sci-fi, but I do like love stories and Jurassic Park and I, Robot are both on my favorites list. I tried Oprah books and though I can't stand the whining, I feel somehow drawn toward them and have to remind myself that "harrowing" is not a good adjective for me. I guess I like "literature", whatever THAT means, but I'm not about to pick up Dostoyevsky or Homer or anything else one might read as a college assignment. So I don't know what I like. Any ideas?

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