Sunday, April 24, 2005

Idle weekend

This has been the first weekend for as long as I remember in which I had no plans. Actually, I had plans for this weekend, but not so many that I didn't have time to breathe, which is usually the case. My plans were:

a) Have dinner in Stonington on Friday.

b) Go to Corey's dance on Saturday.

And other than that, I was free.

And bored.

Yesterday was rainy, so I spent a lot of time watching TV and crocheting my blue and off-white blanket, then I went into lab for about 5 seconds, and then went to the dance. Today I started reading a book, watched The West Wing (episodes from Season 1), went rollerblading, went to lab, cooked dinner, and finished that book.

In-between, I checked my email about twelve dozen (that's 144) times, and spent an unbelievable amount of time complaining to myself about phone calls I was expecting but never received from people who obviously had plans this weekend.

And that's just pathetic. So as much as I sometimes feel like I need a weekend in which to just to nothing, I don't want it. One evening a week, sure. Even one whole day, I'd be ok with that. But the whole weekend is just bad.

So expect a book report soon.

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