Friday, May 20, 2005


Alright, I've been delinquent. It's been too long since I've written, and I'm afraid I'm becoming one of those "That sounds like fun! (But I'll never show up)" people. I wish I had a good excuse, but any I can think of just sound sucky.

I also wish I had something interesting to write about. Hmm. I'll pick last night's dance. Some of us CT monkeys took a road trip down to Yehoodiland for the Frim Fram. (Joelle wanted to go because Ryan and Jenny were going to teach the lesson, but it turned out their plane was too late for them to get there in time, so they just gave us free pizza. (Helene says, "I've had lots of different kinds of New York pizza, and this is the best kind-- free.")

This dance was a lot better than the last NYC dance we went to. This one had people at it. And most of those people had experience dancing lindy hop. In fact, some of them were really good.

It was a good thing we brought our own leaders though, because I was shy and didn't dance with many other boys. One of the NYC boys I danced with (twice) was Shorty Dave who was both really nice and friendly AND awesome to dance with.

I think the real hilight of the night (besides the fact that I didn't have to drive home) was that Shefali showed up. She's not one of those one of those "That sounds like fun! (But I'll never show up)" people. She's the opposite. She's the "I'll be there and the only way I'll be late is if I'm performing a heart transplant" kind.

So anyway, Shefali appeared and jumped right in, identifying the people at or near her lindy level (no experience whatsoever, except a really bad lesson from me and Joelle a month ago), and asking them to dance. By the time the monkeys had to leave, she had already made a NY friend, and she probably stayed until the dance was over.

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