Sunday, June 19, 2005

April's bridal shower

I've finally uploaded my pictures from the bridal shower two weeks ago. It was a very fun event. Actually, the prep and clean-up were the most fun, because we were with lovely people in a lovely place. Here are some of my pictures:

Julie is smirking because Tom didn't let her use the large knife to make the watermelon fruit basket. Instead, he gave her a mini ice cream scoop to create melon balls. I didn't even know this object existed.

Blake and April did a trial run of hair and makeup for the wedding.

Blake and Ashley divvy up the sushi. This was quite an ordeal, since both adore the spicy salmon.

After being exiled during the shower, the men (Tom, Rob, and Danny) emerge and examine the ginormous pile of loot.
Tom: "Nice! A spice rack! I've always wanted one of these!"
Rob: "We're supposed to fit all this into the condo?"
Danny: "Are there any more ribbons?"

Danny displays the moves required to move from black belt (his current level) up to white mesh belt.

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