Thursday, June 30, 2005


It's like TiVo for radio on your iPod. Pick a program, download it, and listen. Free. Sweet.

Mkay, so I downloaded a bunch. They're fun. They're just what I needed, since I'm tired of listening to the same 2000 "top rated" songs. I know it's ridiculous, but I'm tired of them all. So I listened to a podcast on the way to the bus this morning, and then some more while I was doing minipreps at my bench. I like 'em.

My favorite podcast so far is WGBH Morning Stories. It's cute. But it's not long enough. I keep wishing that Fresh Air or the Morning Edition or something was available.

I also listened to some of the Original Red Sox Podcast, which is basically this father/son team talking about the Red Sox and their recent performances and the occasional Yankees Suck comment. It was fun, but too long. I don't think I could listen to it on a regular basis.

I'm strangely fascinated by Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything. Have I heard this before? It sounds so familiar. I have no idea what it's about or why it exists (and I've listened to about 40 minutes so far), but it's entertaining.

Next I'm going to try some of the KCRW programs and maybe some Air America Radio, but I don't know which ones to try. Any suggestions?

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  1. Erica, we are a group of 11 chemistry students at the University of Florida and discovered your blog feed while completing a project that required a list of feeds related to science laboratory equipment. The content here isn't exactly what is needed for our project but it was refreshing to find your post Podcasts today. After sifting through blogs all week, our team wanted to let you know we'll be adding your feed to our science laboratory equipment site as a recommended resource. Keep up the great blog. Our lab team will be reading it regularly!!