Monday, July 11, 2005

Best Places to Live

CNN/Money announced their "Best Places to Live" (in the USA) winners today, and although New Haven isn't on any of the top 10 lists, Manhattan Beach stands proudly at 4th in the list of most expensive homes, ahead of even Malibu (#10) and Greenwich (#6).

Interestingly, the household income/price ratio for Manhattan Beach is 8.4%, but for Great Falls, VA, home of the biggest earners, it's 17.9%. What do those Great Falls people do with all that extra cash? Buy cars? No, I bet they buy vacation homes. People in SoCal don't need vacation homes.

It's also interesting to note that New York, NY spends the most on education, and Maryland and the DC area are pulling their weight in that department as well. However, the most educated cities (as measured by number of graduate degrees) are in Massachusetts and Maryland.


  1. Most of the cities seem to slant to the northeast. Must be some great places to live in the midwest. Also, how can New Jersey have the #1 spot on the Best Places To Live list? wants to know if congestion is a city benefit?

  2. Actually, if you look at the best 100 list, there are quite a few cities in the midwest.

    I think that as with any "top 10" list, it's all just a bunch of BS. If you read their methods, they look at lots of different things, but notably, they eliminate any cities with fewer than 14,000 people, cutting out a ton of rural areas. They also considered the economic growth of each city, and it's just my feeling that the Northeast and the west coast tend to have more growth simply because there are more cities than the midwest and the south. Or else they're politically slanted toward blue states.

  3. Midwest states wouldn't be on my list, at all! I enjoyed life on the west and east coast way more than in the middle of the country -- but there are lots of people who wouldn't live anywhere else.

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    March 26, 2007
    I just happened upon your blogg because I was searching sites about the book Despereaux. It's funny because I live in 2005's 'best place to live.' It is a great little town, in great location. It's not as conjested as North Jersey but growing more so every year. It has a real feeling of community and yet we are not far from Phila., NYC, the country and the Shore. We love it and our kids love it.