Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I was skeptical about this month's Hedgehog book, Bound. Chinese Cinderella. Blah blah folk tales. Like we need another version of that story. But I like the Disney version, so I tried it. And my first reaction upon closing the book is, "Yum."

Yes, yum, for the sweet justice in the happy ending, yum for the rich descriptions of the places and people she loves, and yum especially for the unexpected goodness and charm of the prince. He's only in the last few pages, but he's so remarkable because he's the only one who sees Xing Xing as a person with value. Sure, Master Tang down the road and his wife seem to like her (and their slave boy apparently has a crush on her), but their relationship is of little consequence. The prince is truly a prince.

I actually gasped out loud when I read the part with the cleaver. And then I did it again when I realized what happened to the fish.


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