Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The M2 bus?

I have a new friend. I don't know her name. Yesterday when I left the house and crossed the street, a girl (about my age, looking a bit confused; I assumed she was a new student) was standing on the corner. She waved me over and asked,

"Do you know what time the bus comes by here?"

I didn't. I don't take that bus, I walk out to the farther but more frequent one. I told her as much and assured her that a bus does come by here, but I didn't know how often. And I went on my way.

Today, same thing. Same girl, same corner, same confused look. Today's question:

"Do you know if the M2 bus comes by here?"

The city bus? Why would anyone take the city bus? Of course I didn't know that. In a few short questions, I ascertained that she is not a Yale student, but she's going downtown. Sorry, can't help with that. It's not a long walk, though. Before I left, she said she liked my shirt ("Stop Potato Violence") and asked where I got it (The Cotton Factory).

I wonder

1) If I'll see her tomorrow, and if she'll complement my ultra-cute shoes.

2) I wonder what she ended up doing yesterday, if she was still confused today? Did she wait a while longer and then give up and go home?

3) What is she doing living here if she's not somehow affiliated with Yale?


  1. Ok, now I have to spend the next forty-five minutes browsing Cotton Factory wares. Thanks a lot.

  2. Having seen them, I can say they are ultra-cute shoes.

    Too-bad for the new friend that she missed out.