Monday, August 22, 2005


I had my first lab minion this summer. Call him what you want: undergrad, student, slave; I call him minion. (I see no shame in that; I was a minion only two years ago. He calls me mentor.I was able to impart to him the most valuable laboratory practices, mostly how to do next to nothing and still look like you're working. Being a remarkably bright student, he learned quite well, even if he did way more than what was expected of him. Oh well, I tried.

I did get him to start blogging. (I am triumphant!) And although I don't really get the first three entries (a case of student surpassing teacher? No, I think he was always smarter than me), the fourth makes me wonder how this summer was his first taste of the true pettiness of most of adult life. I hope he enjoyed being in the lab as much as we enjoyed having him.


  1. Well, the lab had little or nothing to do with the pettiness of adult life. That had to with the trips to Shaw's, and getting nearly mugged in Queens, and having to actually take responsibility for myself. That was annoying.

    Lab, being basically an excuse for people to do interesting stuff and get paid (albeit not spectacularly) for it, was a relief from petty adult life. At least it wasn't corporate, anyways.

    But the most important part of lab (and why I had a summer more fun than anyone else I know in New Haven) was the great people. Including my mentor. Period.

  2. I offer up my first ever blog entry, on a now-defuct blog, as further proof of Erica's clearly diabiolical plan to start the entire world blogging. I just haven't figured out how that's going to help her with her evil machinations yet.

  3. Oooh - classic Meera! Hooray!