Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

I learned yesterday that Tom Cruise is going crazy, and we (the American public) get to watch. Apparently he appeared as a guest on Oprah, and did a little happy dance about being in love with Katie Holmes, including jumping up on the couches. Someone made this video from some of the footage.

Then Tom went on some Matt Lauer show and insisted that Matt doesn't know about psychology. Tom knows psychology. And Scientology. (I wonder how L. Ron Hubbard feels about his religion that only appeals to Hollywood movie stars?)

Now you can get a T-shirt advertising your desire to Save Katie Holmes from Tom's influence.

It's kind of fun to watch the destruction of a man. But only when that man is inordinately rich and formerly attractive, so that one feels no compulsion to feel sorry for him.

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