Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Autoantibodies and Autoantibodies

Last year I spent an incredible amount of time learning about the molecular basis of autoimmune diseases, and then writing about them in what will soon be a chapter in an academic book called Autoantibodies and Autoimmunity. It was interesting to learn all this stuff, and in retrospect I enjoyed the process of research and writing. It turned out pretty well, I think. But it took forever. By the end, we were calling it War and Peace, and I wrote a little announcement for the lab news blog.

Today, in anticipation, we recieved a pdf of the cover, which I edited a little bit:

The publisher writes this short description:
Working at The Scripps Research Institute, the editor has gathered an all-star team of authors for this first handbook to address all aspects of the topic in a single volume, bridging the gap between cellular mechanisms of autoantibody production and biomedical treatments.

Reprints are available upon request.

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