Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

While doing minipreps in the lab today, I was listening to one of my new favorite Podcasts, The Adventures of Doctor Floyd.
This family friendly new twist on "old time radio" features the adventures and exploits of the World’s Most Brilliant Scientist, Dr. Floyd as he tries to thwart the plans of his evil arch nemesis, Dr. Steve, all the while learning about the people and events that shaped the history of the Earth.

It's a fun little way to pass the time, as minipreps can be quite repetetive, and not require much concentration. I was particularly delighted with today's adventure, in which the evil Dr. Steve travels through space and time to the jungles of what is now Tanzania, in search of Dr. Livingstone the famous but presumed dead explorer, in order to be the one to say the famouse quote, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" (And in doing so, Dr. Steve hopes to somehow gain power and prestige. It's a kids' show. Give it a break.)

I was so delighted by this adventure because in it, the characters take a cruise through the jungle, on Disneyland's Jungle Cruise, my very favorite ride at Disneyland, simply because of the crime with puns committed there.

I started riding the Jungle Cruise when I had a Disneyland annual pass in high school, and discovered how funny it was. I would usually wait until the end of the night, about an hour before the park closed, when it was dark and the line would be short. I'd ride continuously until the park closed. See, my philosophy was that when the boat wasn't crowded with parents and kids, the skippers were more likely to pull out their rated PG-13 jokes, which were of course more interesting than the usual G jokes. (There was one skipper who translated the native chant as "Tell me what you want, what you really really want.")

This worked pretty well for a while. I remember one ride, during which the skipper invited us to play "dead skipper." We waited at Schweitzer falls, an intersection where two boats might pass if the timing was right. We waited for the next boat in the dark, with the lights off, hanging over the sides of the boat as if we were dead. Ah, the good old days.

After a while, though, they stopped doing the fun stuff. I still went on the ride, but not four or five times in a row, like before. And I'll still be sad if I go to Disneyland without riding at least once. (I think it was closed last time I was there.) Only now that I've done a little research to get links, have I found out why:
On October 11, 1997, the Orange County Register reported that 8 Cast Members who were Skippers on the Jungle Cruise were let go for making inappropriate comments or jokes that were not in keeping with the theme of the attraction, which is said to be based in 1938. The subjects of the jokes and remarks were never released.

Apparently, some parents got wind of the fun stuff, and got offended.

Well folks, I hope you all enjoyed your trip around the jungle. I had such a good time- I'm going to go again! ...and again, and again, and again...


  1. E., I'm curious about podcasts but have absolutely no interest in searching through the millions on iTunes to find something I might like. Think I'd enjoy Dr. Floyd? Any other recommendations?

  2. I don't blame you; there are so many horrible podcasts out there. I usually go by the ones advertised on the iTunes podcast page, but I've found some that I really like. I think I'll blog some recommendations soon.