Sunday, November 20, 2005

Geography Club

This month's Hedgehog book is Geography Club. It's your basic gay starter. Gay kid feels lonely, then finds out all his friends are also gay, doesn't feel so lonely anymore. Eventually the rest of the school finds out (sortof), and he acts dumb, and he's lonely again until he makes up with his gay friends. Happy ending. Sortof.

Nothing surprised me except the naivete of the protagonist. How bad could one date with a girl be? How bad could it really be to spend the night at her parents' beach house? Right. Every situation turned out exactly as I expected, and therefore nothing interesting happened. I blew through this book because it was easy, not because it was intriguing.

I'm upset that at the end of the book, they're all still keeping their gaiety secret. "It's a gay-straight alliance! We can just tell them some of our members are straight, and not tell which ones!" Does this story take place in Bigottown, Homophobia? Ten years ago nobody in my school picked on Johnny Garcia for coming out. It was more like an invitation to the rest of the class. (Of 112 kids, there should be 10 more. We played guessing games to figure out who it would be.)

So yeah, I didn't so much mind the book, it just didn't teach me anything new or make me think about anything differently. And I guess I expected it to.

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