Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Second Summer of the Sisterhood

I liked the first one. I really liked the movie. But the second one, not so much. It was too sappy, too predictable, and too long. Actually, it didn't take very long to read. But it felt like the girls would never grow up and stop being brats.

This weekend I went to babysit my kiddies. E is now 11, and reading a book a day. And they're not short little Choose Your Own Adventure books, either. Stuff like Harry Potter. She even read The Secret Life of Bees. Her mom is running out of book suggestions.

E told me, "I'm SO glad you gave me The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants because I loved it and I read them all and me and my friends have our own pair of traveling pants." They have an elastic waistband, she explained, so that they can all fit into them.

E's favorite quote from the series: "Did you know that a dove is really the same thing as a pigeon?" -Bridget

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