Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Silent to the Bone

I read another book. It happens.

Silent to the Bone unravels the mystery of what happened on Wednesday, November 25, when Branwell stopped talking. His baby sister was unconscious and he was blamed. But through the investigative activities of his best friend (the narrator), we find out what really happened.

I think what I like about this book is how different it is from so many other books. It's not about growing up, or discovering the opposite sex, or the value of family, or dealing with the stupid mob mentality of middle school, although there are elements of each of these things in the book. I like that the characters had a cause, but it wasn't artificial (see Hoot). And of course I liked Konigsburg's style.

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  1. Silent to the Bone is my very favorite Konigsberg book.

    Yay! We finally agree!