Thursday, January 12, 2006

Recent events

I listened to a great Slate podcast this morning about how generation Y kids (20-somethings) are all up with the complaining about the economy and crap, but really it's just how life is when you just get out of college and the economy isn't booming and you have to pay rent and utilities and student loans, and we should just suck it up and quit whining because eventually we'll get paid more and be able to afford a house and an audi and it's not like we're poor, we're just not as rich as when we were living off our parents. That's pretty much my sentiment when I hear stupid boys complaining about how they can't afford to go to a free dance because they don't have any money (because they spend it all on video games).

Two kids in Turkey got the bird flu. I almost felt sorry for them, until I learned that they probably got it when they were playing catch with a severed chicken head.

I'm not TAing this semester, and it looks like never again, because next year the prof is on sabbatical, so my class won't be offered. That's kinda sad because I liked TAing. It was fun, the kids were cool, and it was a lot of work, but it was mostly organizational stuff that was pretty mindless and easy. But it's also good to not TA because that means I get to do my lab work and maybe inch closer to graduating. Huh, I might get a pHd after all.

I just noticed that I started to write PhD with "pH" instead, which, as anyone who's taken chemistry knows, is the way we write the pH of a solution (water is pH 7, or if you're in my lab it's pH 5.5, and your experiments don't work right). I guess we can figure out what's more important to me.

I wonder if pH 5.5 water tastes different from pH 7 water?

Ooh, good story!

My parents sent me a Christmas present. It's a DVD of "Little Shop of Horrors", which is one of my all-time favorite movies, because it's funny and there's singing, and it's great and I want to watch it all the time, but I only have it on VHS, and I don't have a VCR anymore, so balls. So my parents sent it to me for Christmas. (They're also getting me other stuff, but not until I go back to visit in February, because I have to pick out and try on those other things.)

But I never got it! (I did get the car insurance bill they sent me, though.) I told my mom and she said somebody must have stolen it or something because the tracking says it was delivered on Dec 23. She offered to buy me another one, but I told her to send me the tracking info so maybe I could track it down. (Because maybe they realized that I had already gone away for the holidays, and they took it back to their warehouse and I can go pick it up?)

So she emailed me all the info, which says:
Shipment Date: Dec 21, 2005
Destination: Waltham, MA, United States

So let me know if you're going by Brandeis anytime soon, and are willing to pick up my DVD from the apartment I lived in FOUR YEARS AGO for safe-keeping until the next time I make it up to Boston.

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