Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nine Mile Bridge

Before college, all I knew about Maine I learned from Dolores Claiborne, namely that it's frickin' cold there. Obviously, since then I have learned a great deal about what life is like in Maine, and the Mainer culture. I've even learned a little of the accent. My casual observances of all things Maine has been supported by the stories in Nine Mile Bridge.

This memoir covers the three years spent in the Maine woods, snowbound for the 9 month winters and preparing for them during the other three months. It's exactly the book you'd expect from a Mainer: full of stories, adventures, and jokes. They've got the wry humor and the love of snow. They go fishing, they train a pack of sled dogs, they rescue people, they play poker, they buy a winter's worth of food in one go. It's not a character story, and it's not a plot story. It's getting to know what it's like. There's logging, fishing, hunting, and beaver trapping. What more could you want?

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