Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Inspired by Meera's contentment, I'm merely making a note of my happiness of late. It's substantial, this happiness that fills me, and it echos throughout my day. I feel it in the air that fills my lungs, in the snap of my latex gloves, in the slide of the dance floor, in the softness of my blankets, in the weight of my head on a friend's shoulder. I'm progressing in lab, I'm going dancing even more than before, and I'm getting less sleep for good reason (like going out and having fun with wonderful people, not organizing my iTunes library), so although I'm incredibly tired, it feels good.

Last night despite the long hours in the lab, I made it out to M&S mostly because Chica called and said she would be there. We had a rare (for me) fast dance (she's such a great leader!), I danced with all the other leaders I could, and a few of us even worked on some balboa after the band left. A late-night diner run meant I didn't get to bed until uber-late, but still, today, I'm finishing up my Western blot and I'll be ready for tonight's dance. After that, though, I'll probably crash, to be ready for the weekend's events.

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