Thursday, April 27, 2006

O frabjous day!

My Google calendar notes that today in 1521, Magellan was killed in the Phillipines.

Sorry, kids (but not really sorry), The Shower Debacle is over! After 7 short days of not being able to use my own shower, it better than when we moved in (which isn't saying much).

My contractor friend came over and looked at the shower. In, I swear, ten minutes, using only the tools from the kitchen and his own two hands, he had fixed the shower. He took out the piece that was still in the faucet, and used the threading left on the pipe to put it back in, better than before (so it doesn't leak), and he re-attached the shower curtain rails. Then he used some of C's electrical tape to reattach it to the wall hooks, and we put the shower curtains back up. He also bent the shower caddy so all the weight was pulling down, not out. It's not perfect, but it will last more than 4 months. Yay!

Sorry, M, you lose. But I'll give you a lovely parting gift for playing. Let me just think of something...

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  1. What about a purple scarf? :-)

    Hooray for your "contractor friend"..... ;-)