Thursday, May 18, 2006

Homeless no more

I have an apartment! I signed the lease tonight. L and I have decided to continue being roommates, since she will be staying in the area at least for the fall. After that, my parents have agreed to help me with the rent so that I'll have a guest room for when they come visit.

It's a lovely 2nd floor 2BR just two blocks from my current place, and from the backyard (parking lot) you can see my previous place. It's less than a block from the best burgers in town as well as the local pizza joint. There's a washer and dryer (coin-op) in the basement, with storage space. Our apartment features new double-paned windows that let in lots of light, newly finished hardwood floors, huge closets, and a bathtub with a sliding door. Before we move in, the landlord will be installing a new stove and lowering the light switch in the bathroom. (I can reach it on tiptoes, but L would need a stepstool.)

We move in during the month of August. I hope you'll all come visit my lovely new place (without loud obnoxious smokers or smelly barking dogs or creaky stairs or drafty windows).


  1. Wow, you're going to have a two-bedroom to yourself? That's awesome! I'm so psyched!

    (Ross has agreed to take a practice drive with me to New Haven -- we're going to go and then come back together so that I can come visit you by myself.)

  2. Hehe. I can't wait for your "solo" trip.