Monday, May 29, 2006

The Lost Continent

Good news, everybody! I've managed to fit into my busy schedule some pleasure reading! And as previously, I intend to share the experience with you. For what seemed like forever, I've been reading a borrowed book, The lost continent, by Bill Bryson. In case you're not familiar, he's a travel writer, which means he travels places and then writes about it, usually inserting his own funny little comments.

In this book, he travels all over the USA, visiting small towns with the stated intention of finding the ideal small town. (I'm picturing Main Street, USA, at Disneyland, or River City, Iowa, in The Music Man.) Although he starts off commenting on how all the small towns have disappeared and turned into strip malls (Wal-Mart America), there seems to be more of a focus on revisiting the places his father took his family as a child.

Because of this, Bryson is able to insert funny stories about his family vacations, and basically how nuts everyone was. There are also quite a few stories about the people he meets along the trip, but I think the most valuable part of the book (to me) was the feeling of traveling. It made me remember my cross-country trip and want to do it again. I actually bought another travel guide book with the intention of doing this. And with gas at >3 dollars/gallon.

But I have more good news! This weekend I got 425 miles out of a single tank. I usually get something like 350, if I'm lucky.

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