Thursday, May 11, 2006

[Shifty eyes]

Oh, hi!

I didn't think anyone was paying attention.

I'm still here. (My mom left me a voicemail last week asking if I still lived in CT. Funny, since at Christmas she sent my gift to MA.)

I'm still playing with yeast. They still grow at 30 degrees C. (R recently got mixed up, assuming I meant 30 degrees F., which would be below freezing. I corrected him, and he got a real kick out of Celcius.)

I'm still dancing and playing and having fun. I'm 100% better after being sick for way too long. Last night and the night before I actually FELT like dancing, which is unusual for me lately. Last night I even taught Blake the three moves I know in American Tango. The basic goes "T, A, N G O!" or "Walk, walk, tan-go close!" And she said, with a disgusted look on her face, "Do they REALLY say, 'tan-go close'?"

And that's probably why I haven't posted in a while. I haven't read any new books (sorry B, I know how much you love reading my book reviews), I haven't gone grocery shopping, and I haven't even been watching much TV. But I do know that Josh and Donna hooked up, so I'm not totally out of it. It's probably also why I keep getting voicemails from my parents, who never call. (They just got a new cell phone and learned how to Bluetooth it to their new car.)

I'm also looking for a new apartment, but the options are too numerous. If I knew what I wanted, it would be easier. But do I want my own place or should I share? In New Haven or further north? I have plenty of time to decide, and I anticipate things changing before then, and besides, most places advertised are available now, not late August. But I still like looking at the pictures on CraigsList.

Oh, and weddings galore, huh? I think I'm only going to two this year, but I'm missing two others due to travel plans. Too bad everybody picked the second week in August to get married.

Maybe I should take some pictures of reflections of trees in puddles or car windshields, and post them here in lieu of an actual entry.


  1. Um... ouch. I know you don't mean it that way, but it's been a rotten day, and ouch.

  2. I'm sorry, sweetie. What I meant was, "I don't have much to say recently, so maybe instead of letting my blog go to waste, I should post some lovely pictures that are much better than no post at all."

  3. I know, I'm just tired and bummed out with the world. But it always makes me smile to look at that picture of you in the ballet outfit, so it worked out in the end. :-)