Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Long Way From Chicago

I read A Year Down Yonder a while back, and I remember enjoying it. This one is a set of short stories, each about a one-week trip made by Joey and Mary Alice to their grandma's house. They start out as young children and grow into teenagers through the stories. Like the year down yonder, the stories are really about Grandma Dowdel and her wacky schemes. They're funny and creative and sort of wry. She's an ornery old lady who's basically thinking of ways to humble the people she doesn't like and help the people she does, without harming her facade of orneriness. She's an interesting character, that one.

I guess I can only take so much of these stories. After a while, they start to sound the same, and I wasn't as impressed with this one as with the previous. So yeah, that's it. I'll read something different now.

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