Tuesday, August 29, 2006


This Saturday was Swing Waterfire Providence, and being dedicated swing dancers, we of course had to attend. I, for one, had never seen the water and the fire combined in this particular locale, and you should check it out, if you are in the area and have time to attend before the summer (fall) ends.

It's always captivating to watch fires. Does that make me a pyro? They move, flow, and dance with the wind. The fires are set up in the canal, and you can sit on the walls and just watch, in a peaceful trance. Unidentified speakers play a variety of ambient music, helping to supply some calm. Occasionally a gondola will pass, carrying passengers drinking wine. Even more occasionally, a boat will come by with volunteers in black who supply the fires with more wood, reinvigorating the flame.

Away from the canals are food vendors, street performers, art shows, and live music. In our corner of the city, a stage was set up in the middle of an intersection, and it seemed like the whole city was there watching. The dance floor was so crowded that I kept getting stepped on. That wasn't so much fun. But the performances were great. B and M danced as guests of Providence Swings! See them in action:

See their razor-sharp choreographed number! Play the SOS game: can you identify the moment they notice the swarming cameramen, and then forget their steps?

Watch their ultra-hot mega-cool jam in the C-jam blues. Did he really just trip her? OMG, it's too, too hep.

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