Monday, September 18, 2006

The dual truth about Apple

1. Mac hater.
Apple has the worst product performance ever. Out of the blue, my iPod broke, right in the middle of a song. It stopped, and just froze. I finally reset it, and when I tried to turn it back on, all I got was a picture of an iPod with a sad face. And if I hadn't sprung for the extended warranty, I'd have to go buy a new one to replace it!

2. Mac enthusiast.
Apple has the best customer service ever. My iPod broke a week ago, and since it was covered by Apple Care, I got a brand new one! All I had to do was request service online, and they sent me a box to send it back, postage paid, and today I got a new one! I didn't have to spend anything at all!


  1. They're probably somewhere in between the worst and the best of both those things. :-)

    When I was using the school computer at my old job and it would randomly power itself off for no reason (clearly a hardware issue, and it happened every single day at unpredictable intervals), we sent it in twice and they refused to fix it, saying that they didn't notice it happening when they had it.

    But this time when my harddrive failed they replaced approximately 7 things when they had it in for service, including the keypad, and it's like a new machine now. Which is good, because the extended warranty on the Powerbook when I bought it was an absurd $349 for an extra two years. It's cheaper now.

  2. Anonymous6:14 PM

    my brand spanking new macbook also had the random powering down problem :( i sent it back in but they've had it for a week pending part shipment. poopy-heads.