Friday, February 09, 2007

Freakonomics on vacation

One of the things I love about taking a vacation is hving the time to read for hours a day. I've been spending my weekend mornings reading, and that's nice, but this is better. I finished The Best American Science Writing of 2006 on the plane (it was fabulous), and subsequently started the other book I packed in my carry-on, Freaknomics, which I finished this morning. Also fabulous.

I write this little update mainly to inform my dilligent voters of my non-choice. I haven't chosen an audiobook yet. My podcasts are keeping my ears pretty busy these days, so it's not urgent. But I did choose to read read Freakonomics because 1) of the glowing reviews and 2) I found it in the library to be short enough and written in a style conducive to easy reading. (My main reason for choosing particular audiobooks is that they are something I'd like, but are somehow more difficult to make myself read. For instance, the last one was Bill Clinton's "My Life". I took one look at that volume in the library and I knew I'd never get through it using my eyes.)

So the audiobook choice is yet to be made. Sorry to make it all suspenseful and stuff.

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