Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors (ever hear of them? Me neither.) has made a 100% electric vehicle with outstanding power. It's fast. And fuel-efficient. But it's a little out of my price range, and just under $100K. And I don't really want a sports car. But maybe Jerry Seinfeld does. And maybe if Jerry and his movie star friends get some, everybody else will want them too. And then Tesla will come out with a more affordable, 4-door version.

They write:
While the Tesla Roadster‘s sticker price is in a league with other high-performance sports cars with similar specs, we recognize it‘s out of reach for a lot of people. We consciously chose to develop a high-end sports car as our first car in order to develop the “performance DNA” from which we could create other electric vehicles. Our next model will leverage the Tesla Roadster‘s technology, resulting in a less expensive sports sedan that we can sell at higher volume.

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