Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Great Turtle Race

From Science Magazine:
Close to 95% of leatherback turtles in the Pacific have disappeared in the past 2 decades. The Costa Rica population has decreased to fewer than 100.

To raise support for the critically endangered beasts, several conservation organizations have created The Great Turtle Race. From 16 through 29 April, 11 turtles will be tracked as they migrate from their nesting areas in Costa Rica to south of the Galápagos Islands off Ecuador. The racers are equipped with satellite tags so their locations can be tracked online. The data will provide a nearly real-time, turtle's-eye perspective on the ocean, including measurements of water temperature and depth.
At their website, you can pick a turtle to cheer on (meaning you get email updates on its progress) and see how far they are from their destination. I picked Champiro, 'cuz it's a cool name.

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  1. I picked Billie, because she seems down to earth, like a regular turtle.