Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google Reader

Good news! Google reader (for RSS feeds) is up to (my) standards. I've subscribed to many interesting feeds, mostly popular science stuff as well as blogs and some other of my favorite sites.

My favorite feature: the "Next" button. I don't remember how, but I've added a button to my links bar that will send me to the next article in Google Reader. It goes directly to the host's site, giving me the full format of the host's page. (gRead tends to remove much of the formatting, and I think it loses some intangible quality in the translation.)

My second favorite feature: Shared items. When reading articles (I think only in the actual gRead window), there's an option to share this item. gRead then makes a feed out of it, as well as a page. So basically, if you decide you like the things I link to, you can use me as a filter for interesting items by visiting that page or subscribing to that link. Even better, I've added the feed to this page (scroll down, on the left), so you can see my most recently shared items.

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