Thursday, July 05, 2007

Frankie Manning on APM's "The Story"

The Story, from American Public Media is an hour-long program that tells people's stories through interviews. By sharing their experiences, "The Story" exposes its listeners to different cultures, histories, and perspectives.

As a swing dancer, I'm always looking for new ways to expose the general public to the underground world of lindy hop; most people don't even know it exists. So back in January, I wrote to the story to ask them to interview Frankie Manning, swing ambassador. He's known for his history and his stories of the early days of lindy hop.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email:
Hi Erica,
You wrote to us much earlier this year, in January, suggesting that we interview Frankie Manning.
Well, we just recorded an interview with him today, and it'll likely run next week. You'll have to check the website to see when it's on, or perhaps remind me early next week, and I can let you know for sure.
He was a delight, and you probably know he has a book just out now.
Again, thanks for suggesting Frankie.

You can read the transcript, download the podcast, or stream the audio of the interview at their website

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