Friday, August 31, 2007

RIP iPod

No more than two months after the end of its warranty, after being replaced two times, my iPod sleeps with the fishes. It's the same hardware problem the last two suffered, with the symptom of the sad iPod icon. Apparently there's nothing I can do except shell out another $250 for the equivalent but newer and feature overstuffed version. Is this right? Is this just? I don't think so. I long for a time when products were made with care, and would be repaired instead of replaced. I don't want to watch movies on my iPod. I don't even want to look at pictures. I just want to listen to any of my 80 GB of audio files at any given time at any given location. Is that too much to ask?

But is there any other option? Does any other company make a comparable product that runs seamlessly with iTunes?

How's this for stupid? The 30GB iPod is $250. For the EXACT SAME PRICE, you can get the 8GB nano. Or, for a whopping $50 less, you can get the 4GB nano. And for another $50 less, the 2GB nano, which holds something like two CDs. Totally useless, right? $150 for 2 measly GB.

Is there any advantage to the nano over the full-sized iPod? Is the flash memory more reliable than the hard drive of the larger version? Were I to buy a nano, could I be confident that it wouldn't need replacement three times in just over two years?

As you can tell, I'm peeved.

By the way, my CD burner on my MacBook is also broken. I'd have to send it in for repair (it is still under warranty), which would take something like a week, to have it fixed. I can't go without my computer for that long, so I've usurped the lab DVD burner for my own personal usage. Maybe I'll use it to burn all my music onto CDs so I can play them in my car, since my iPod is dead.

Edited to add:
Just kidding! On the advice of a swingmonkey, I hit my iPod. It still didn't work, it didn't even make the spinning disc sound, so I dropped it on the floor. The case split open, but when I tried to turn it on, it started to make noise. So I popped the case back together and it works. Yay!

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