Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kid Nation

So I'm watching the premiere of Kid Nation, and I've decided that kids are weak. The first thing they do is whine about how hungry and tired they are, and how they have to sleep on these puny little mattresses on the floor. And when they got done whining about that, they whined about how they want to go home.

There are four kids in charge:
  • A boy scout who says he's a good leader because he has respect for other people's ideas

  • A "genius" spelling bee champ who claims only three adults have done a good job: George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Mahatma Gandhi

  • A "student leader," who believes in her "own true beliefs"

  • A pageant queen, who said "world peace" twice in her introductory speech, as in "I would bring world peace to Africa with all the orphans."

I mean, pageant queen? World peace? Really? She's the one who got homesick on the first night.

So far the student leader (whatever that means) is the best one. She comforted at least three kids in the first half hour.

And then they tell the kids to divide up into four teams. What's up with that? Why can't they all just be on the same team? Does there have to be artificial competition? Whatever.

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