Saturday, August 02, 2008

Beefsteak tomatoes = gross

I have bad news. After all the time and excitement that went into my victory* garden, I've decided I don't like beefsteak tomatoes, of which I have something like 4 plants. Bruce made a grilled cheese sandwich with our first ripe one a couple of weeks ago, and I hated it. (He didn't think there was anything wrong, though.) I decided we had picked it too early, and so waited much longer before picking the second one. I felt it up, as Ben recommended, and decided it was ripe today. I cut it open and found it all grainy. Yuck. Hoping it could redeem itself, I tasted a sliver. Yuck. completely disgusting. I left it for Bruce, who loved it. I guess I'll stick to cherry tomatoes this year. (We've got plenty of those, and they're yummy.)

I had an organic tomato from the grocery store (it was hella expensive) that was just amazing. It tasted like the ones I remember from Maine. Any suggestions of what kind to look for next year? I'll have to go to a farmer's market or something for seeds, I think.

*That one's for Ben. Apparently, all gardens are victory gardens until we win the war.


  1. I love beefsteak tomatos. They are cheaper on the budget. You can send them up here. :) Ask susan what kind of tomatos to grow. She will know the answer.

  2. super sad! i went to a crazy tomato tasting fest on sunday. you could try to find of those in your area and then be able to grow what you know you'll like. if you like cherries then you probably like sweet tomatos more than acidic or spicy varieties. i could send you a list of the tomatos i found sweet in the tasting...

    SO GLAD you're blogging again! just noticed today. my bad.