Thursday, August 28, 2008

Being Engulfed in Flames

I just finished the new David Sedaris. I'm not his #1 fan, but I enjoyed whatever else I read by him (Me Talk Pretty and I think it was Dress Your Family), and he's usually very entertaining whenever I hear him read a story on This American Life. So when I had a coupon and saw Engulfed in Flames on the shelf, I figured it was better than even money that I'd enjoy it.

I guess I liked his childhood/coming-of-age stories better. The running theme of these stories seemed to be his unapologetic drug/alcohol/nicotine abuse. The more I read, the more I regretted supporting the guy's fame, which is terrible, since I know I used to like him. But these weren't even funny. Thy were just essays. And I expected funny.

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