Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outdoorsy Saturday

Bruce and I had a lovely Saturday. We took K & L (and Zoe) up to Talcott Mountain, where we hiked to Heublein Tower for a picnic and some lovely views. I probably should have taken my newly fixed camera (the viewfinder suddenly stopped working, apparently a known defect that Canon fixed at no cost to me, despite the lapsed warranty-- yay Canon!), but I didn't. Reminds me of that John Mayer song... "don't have a camera by my side this time / hope that I would see the world through both my eyes..." The best thing we saw was a hawk hovering above the trees, then we watched it fly to the left, directly into a flock of smaller birds, which scattered in all directions as a result. Cool.

The storm clouds were starting to head our way, so we booked it up to Enders, where the plan had been to go swimming, but because of all the recent rains, the place was overflowing (like a waterfall should, I suppose). So we just walked around. Zoe and Bruce went swimming, but the rest of us stayed put. Nobody dared the natural slide.

To end the day, we stopped for ice cream at one farm stand, and fresh corn at another. Unfortunately, by the time we got home, we were too pooped to cook the corn, and we fell asleep without our supper.

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