Monday, August 04, 2008

A revelation at the gym

I joined a gym. One of my favorite parts is that many of the cardio machines have personal TVs, with a gizmo where you plug in your headphones and can change the channel. Because I hate commercials, I need this ability to change the channel as often as possible, even while I'm exercising.

Well, all was well until my trainer, Paula, instructed me to use a certain elliptical machine. There are five of these on the floor where I like to work out (there may be others elsewhere, but I haven't gone looking), and only two of them have the personal TV setup. The other three are positioned in the middle of the room, with TVs on the wall that are controlled by a regular remote, which hangs on the wall. On these three machines, you're stuck watching whatever is on, and reading the captions because the headphone jack doesn't work either.

The other day I found that of the two machines with personal TVs, one was in use and the other made a clunking noise when I pressed on the right pedal thing. So I had to make do with one of the other three. I put on my iPod and settled in for a boring 45 mintues.

But I soon discovered what opportunity this was. On this machine I wasn't limited to a single show on a single TV, or even several shows on a single TV. From the middle of the room, I could see three or four TVs, all on different channels. I could watch four shows at once, AND listen to my iPod, all at the same time! Now, I'd rather watch TV at the gym than at home, except that at the gym I have to sweat, and that's gross.

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