Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tagging in iTunes

And why doesn't iTunes have a tagging feature, like everything else does, these days? Don't they know that sometimes I want to filter my music not by artist or genre, but by topic? I want to be able to find songs with the word ORANGE in the lyrics. I want to be able to tag songs based on how difficult it is to dance to, and on what dance(s) I would do when it's playing. I can tag photos in Flickr, web pages in Del.icio.us, and emails in Gmail. I can even tag to-do list items in Things and blog entries right here in Blogger (though I usually don't).

Apple had an idea of it a while back, I think. Their Mail program uses a tags-like system for email addresses. The Papers guys use the same system for searching Pubmed, though I haven't quite got the hang of it there.

I was using the comments field in iTunes for tags. It worked, somewhat, but there wasn't the kind of uniformity that tags really need. What if I spelled something wrong? And what if I tagged one song with "male" (as in, male vocalist), and another with "female" (likewise)? Whenever I would search for "male" I would also get "female", completely defeating the purpose.

I'm just complaining. But really, it would be helpful. I have a lot of music that I forget about because I can't label it properly. When I'm looking for specific categories of music, I have to rely on work-around ways to find it, and I usually end up picking songs I already know fit what I'm looking for, without trying new things.


  1. I have No idea what tagging is. ROFL
    BUT, since it is so important to you then itunes should do it too gosh darn it!!

  2. Thank you for the support. It is certainly important! I think Apple is not doing its job lately with regards to iTunes. They're more interested in making the iPhone cooler and producing more ways for people to spend their money. Since iTunes is free, they won't make any money off of improving the program in itself.