Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The obligatory Palin post

Everyone else is talking about her, why can't I?

I think it's a genius move by McCain's team to pick Palin, even with all her baggage. She's about as right-wing as you can get, which gets them the base, and she's a woman, which is probably going to get some of the anti-Obama Hillary fans.

But she doesn't agree with Hillary on anything!

Yeah, but she's a woman.

Do you really think people will vote for McCain just because his running mate is a woman, even though she's so conservative?

Someone asked me that, and it does seem preposterous, to go from Hillary-lover to Palin-settler. And I said, "yeah." Today I got my first evidence.

I've gotten to know the political inclinations of my old lady friend, Donna, and she was gung-ho for Hillary during the whole primary. I'm not sure what in particular did it for her, but it was probably the two X chromosomes. She still likes Hillary (I told her to write Hillary in on the ballot-- I wonder if you can do that in CT?), but isn't harboring any hope for her to be the president.

(By the way, Donna no longer has a picture of Bush on the wall. She hates him now.)

Tina was there today and asked me what I thought of Palin. I made a face of disgust, Tina agreed, and Donna said to both of us, "You don't like her? Why not?" Well, when Tina's around it's kind of like having three conversations at once, so I'm not sure we ever answered that question. But it's pretty clear that Donna likes Palin based on her chromosomal status, and doesn't know anything about her politics.

It looks like Tina and I have some work to do, but at least we have a few weeks to do it.


  1. At least you have a chance to work on her. You can be pretty persuasive because you don't get flustered and mad, which is what happens to me when I try to convince someone who doesn't agree with me about something I care very much about.

  2. Oh my, I never thought people like that existed either. Let us know if you prevail.