Friday, September 05, 2008

Packing lab

Last summer I took a day off to gallivant around Block Island. That was a tragic adventure in itself, but once the day calmed, I checked my phone and found image-rich text messages showing me what was going on at lab while I was away. They had used green lab tape to mark the places where things go on my bench and desk. For instance:

My computer accessories' positions were also labeled, though it was hard to keep the mouse in the right spot.

Notice the tape around my dot plate templates, the tape marking the correct position of the timer that speaks (I had another one that, due to droppage, was mute), and a piece of tape marking where the tip box I had stolen from Kara H does NOT go.

And yes, it IS a special ruler: Ms. Kuper gave that to me in 9th grade.

So yesterday when it came time to clean my stuff out of the lab, I packed up my special ruler, my books (not shown), my crossword-doing pencils, and just about everything else that might come in handy in my new non-lab life (including the speaking timer). I threw out (recycled) piles of papers from my library, and I organized my notebooks in case anyone ever has to look in them. But I left the tape.

No, it wasn't sad to pack up. (People keep asking me that.) I haven't really been in the lab much since March or April, so I've had plenty of time to get used to not being there. I miss my friends, but I don't miss doing experiments or actually being in the lab. And I can still see my friends, so.... I probably won't enjoy seeing someone else working at my bench or my desk. But whatever. So it goes.


  1. The green tape is intriguing. Glad you are not sad about leaving the lab. If you go to visit your friends just run fast past your old desk and look the other way.

    Or you could do the green tape thing to the new person at your old desk??

  2. Hah- that's probably a good way to think of the left-behind tape: as an instruction manual for whoever takes over. "In case you have a special ruler, here's where it should go. And the timer is most useful in this position."