Friday, October 17, 2008

MS Office

I gave in and purchased Microsoft Office (2008, for Mac). I hate that I can't collaborate with people using Pages, but that's just the way it is. The worst part about it is all the packaging deemed necessary for this product. While I've downloaded plenty of other programs in the last week, this one had to be shipped (from Springfield, MA, of all places) by snail mail.

The single DVD required for installation was in a cardboard envelope and accompanied by an ~8 page installation guide (which pretty much said, "insert the disk and follow the directions on your screen"), in a cardboard box that opened like a book, which was in a cardboard slipcover (like multi-disc DVD sets). The whole thing was shrink-wrapped, assembled with a packing slip, then shrink-wrapped again to a piece of corrugated cardboard. This set was finally inserted into a corrugated cardboard box. All this, for a program I could have downloaded in less than an hour a week ago and registered online.

This is getting ridiculous.

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