Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cold weather gym attire

It's been rather cold for a while now, and I still haven't figured out how to dress for the gym in cold weather. I almost never shower there, and it only makes sense to wear my workout wear in and out. The question is how much outerwear I have to pile on to keep warm during the drive and short trip across the parking lot (really, both are very short) and not look like an idiot wearing winterwear when I walk into a place where people sweat.

The worst part is that my shoes have mesh over the toes which are probably supposed to keep my feet air-cooled while I exercise, but the wind gets in there and freezes them.

There is a safe place to hang up coats and things just outside the locker room, so it's not completely ridiculous to have a coat, but still...

So far I've been limiting myself to a warm hoodie, earflap hat, and mittens, and trying to warm up the car before I leave home.

These are the things that consume me when I have no work to do.

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  1. It's a good idea to switch shoes when you get inside the gym if you can, anyway, since dirty shoes are the biggest factor in making stuff like treadmills and ellipticals break down. Other than that, I have no advice, but isn't it awesome how when you *leave* the gym, you feel totally warm no matter how cold it is? I love that .