Friday, March 06, 2009

Lost entries: iPhone

I keep thinking of great topics for blog entries, but then I forget them before I can get to a computer to write them. It's probably not a great loss, since most of them would only be worth a short paragraph. Here's one now:

I'm thinking of getting an iPhone. Not really, but it's becoming more tempting than it was in the past, when my reaction was, "That's cool. It would be fun to have, but also very expensive and not so useful, since I don't go anywhere and the only places I ever go already have computers."

But now I split my time between different realms (home, the museum, chorus, the gym, dancing, etc.) and I've been using Google Calendar to keep track of it all. I love it because I can color-code my realms. (For instance, I made a calendar for the gym, which includes my trainer appointments, times when I should be working out, and the classes I like that I could go to, but usually don't. All of these are in green.) Then sometimes I'll be out somewhere and someone asks me if I'm busy on Friday. I don't know. I have to go home and check my calendar. It occurs to me that all this could be solved by carrying a pocket calendar instead of using a $200+$40/month gadget.

I think there was a time when I was lost, or when I wanted to find the best route in a less-than familiar neighborhood. An iPhone would have been helpful then. But I just used a map instead.

So my current plan is this: Wait until my iPod dies (it's just over a year now, and I didn't buy AppleCare for it, so it shouldn't be much longer) or my phone dies (it's over two years and the battery is just recently becoming weak... If I charged it every other night, it wouldn't be a problem though), and then revisit my need for an iPhone. Maybe by that time I'll have a use for a not-at-home toy.

I'm also tempted to get a new computer, but damn those things are expensive, and mine is running just fine.

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