Thursday, March 19, 2009

More about Google Reader

In case that previous post about Google Reader wasn't clear enough, I'll just say it: I want you to start using Google Reader, too. Here's why:

If you consistently read more than 5 blogs or regularly updated websites (like the New York Times, Icanhazcheezburger, or any other website that has a little in the address line), Google Reader (or any RSS reader, for that matter) will collect the entries from all these sites, and give them to you in a big batch. It saves you time and clicking.

If you want, you can organize them into subjects, like "web comics" or "stuff about cars". Then when you feel like reading something about cars, instead of going to The Car Blog, CarBlog, and Jalopnik, looking for something new, you can get (from Google Reader) a list of the latest posts from all of those car blogs, and read ONLY the posts that are most interesting to you.

Got that? Instead of wading through the NY Times website, I can scroll through the articles (which have titles and one sentence of description), and pick out what's interesting to me.

And here's why I care about YOU using it: when you find something you find interesting, and want to share with me, you can click on "Share" and then as long as I have you in my gmail contacts list (and you have me listed as a friend you like to share with), I get to read it. And vice versa. It's like we're putting together little reading lists for each other. Fun, right? Try it.

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